Below you’ll find a schedule of the art that will be shown at participating venues.


Freedom Factory
22 Dovercourt Road, Toronto, ON, Canada
Not Showing
#Hashtag Gallery
830 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada
Not Showing
Virtual Gallery
Toronto, ON, Canada

The Support Collection: Up next

Title Artist Type Length
Witch vs Bitch Leia Warren image 3 / 10 min
Various Collages Brittany Hendry image 10 min
48 Meals Stella Ducklow image 10 min
Lost in counterclockwise JASON BALDUCCI image 10 min
Hoping for the Best Jose Cifuentes image 10 min
Help, I'm Alive. Julieta Christy image 10 min
Empathy Anthony Omoaghe image 10 min
"FOUR WOMEN" John Eni-ibukun image 10 min
Small Pleasures Avery Steel image 10 min
Toronto Homelessness Project Giovanni Mazzuchelli image 10 min
The Universouls Project Borelson Freeman image 10 min
My City Hady Ashraf image 10 min
Noor Khan, 2020, Sean Leon - 90BPM Music Video: 16mm Stills Noor Khan image 10 min
Augmented Reality Jayanthan Kannan image 10 min
Nino Nefertiti Hernandez image 10 min