Below you’ll find a schedule of the art that will be shown at participating venues.


#Hashtag Gallery
830 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada
Not Showing
Freedom Factory
22 Dovercourt Road, Toronto, ON, Canada
Not Showing

The Pilot VI Collection: Up next

Title Artist Type Length
Queen Movement Reynold Thomas image 10 / 10 min
Y O U T H Pandora Owl image 10 / 10 min
Season change Cole MacGregor image 10 / 10 min
Hand Study Noah Defreyne image 2 / 10 min
cyanotype photograms, 2019 Avery Steel image 10 min
The Beyond The Veil Collection Desire Betty image 10 min
Ghost in the Machine Jose Cifuentes image 10 min
UniverSouls Project Borelson Freeman image 10 min
Somewhere Stella Ducklow image 10 min
Studio portrait Ben Jaine image 10 min
the world drowning in rose-scented blood, pushing us closer to death Harneet Heer image 10 min
PH Blue Kelvin Mendie image 10 min