Below you’ll find a schedule of the art that will be shown at participating venues.


Virtual Gallery
Toronto, ON, Canada
Centre for Social Innovation - Spadina
192 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada
Remote Gallery (Akin Collective)
568 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON, Canada
Not Showing
Onyx Barbers
90 Adelaide Street East, Toronto, ON, Canada
Not Showing

The CommUNITY Cultivation Collection: Up next

Title Artist Type Length
We are not who you think we are Matila Mougoui image 10 / 10 min
Woke up this morning JASON BALDUCCI image 10 / 10 min
We shall Rise Arnaldo Cordeiro image 3 / 10 min
Mother Nature's Nurture Rhandy Adolphe image 10 min
Venus in Her New Reality + Green Roots Cristal Buemi image 10 min
Records With My Daughters JOSEPH GALIWANGO image 10 min
The Allure of the Ordinary Anisha Kumar image 10 min
Lifeline sabre hannah short image 10 min
Fall Nevita S image 10 min
Ade and Rise of the Ancient Filipina Destinie Adelakun image 10 min
“Mearh” & “ In the Shadows” Jessica Zabroky image 10 min
EVERYWOMAN Liz Lokre image 10 min
Intuitive Navigation: Women + Femmes in Public Spaces The [204] Design Collective image 10 min
The teardrop Gil Ana image 10 min